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How much funding does LTF typically give out?

Our investment size generally ranges between $1,500 - $3,000 dollars. 

Does LTF take equity in my startup?

We do not take equity. LTF provides individual students with a stipends through a personal W-9 form. Our goal is to promote entrepreneurship, not generate returns. Therefore, we offer the most founder-friendly terms possible.

Does my startup have to be incorporated to be funded?

No, in fact, most of the startups that come to us request the funding to incorporate. LTF can guide you through the process of establishing a corporation and provide you the financial support if having legal status is necessary for your business model.

Does LTF have a sector preference?

We are sector-agnostic. Many companies that we fund have traditionally been in the technology space, however we have invested in ideas across food, politics, exercise, social media, healthcare, and environmental activism.

Have LTF-funded startups gone on to do anything cool?

The startups we funded have done great things at UChicago and beyond. LTF-funded startups have won the College New Venture Challenge, gone through prestigious accelerators such as Y-Combinator, and received outside venture capital funding. See our portfolio page for a partial list of investments.

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